“No legacy is so rich as honesty. ”

– William Shakespeare

In real estate, as in life, there are certain qualities of character that lead directly to achievement. It has been my experience that only full honesty and transparency lead to genuine success.

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Chand will help you find the property of your dreams.

My name is Chand Wadhwani and I have been a full time licensed Montreal real estate broker since 2006. I attribute my success in real estate to three qualities: honesty, openness, and the ability to listen. Every buyer or seller enters their real estate project from a completely unique vantage point, each with their own ideas, hopes and visions. It is my job to understand their aspirations and to best guide them towards their goals.

I was born in Mumbai, India, where I studied and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. I later continued my studies at King’s College in the UK and became a Chemical Engineer. I moved to Montreal in 1977 and worked as a chemist in Research and Development Quality Assurance for 20 years. I am grateful to have lived in different places and to have experienced different cultures. It has given me an appreciation and understanding for all kinds of people, places, and lifestyles.

My serene, forthright character has served me well in Commercial real estate, but I specialize mostly in Residential. It was my sister, recognizing that my personality was a good fit for real estate, who first suggested that I become a broker. I was already the happy owner of a duplex, living in one unit and renting out the other, and I believed in the benefits of being a homeowner. I felt inspired by the idea of helping others realize their real estate dreams; whether they want to sell their property at a good profit, purchase a plex to supplement their income, or buy their very first home.

I have many interests, and lead a balanced, active life. When my wife (who I met at age 16) passed away in 2001, I was determined to never take anything for granted. I believe a consistent routine keeps life orderly and relaxing, but as a father of two, and grandfather of three, I am also adept at reacting quickly to the unexpected. I am a passionate tango dancer, having even occasionally assisted in teaching. I love Thai cooking, Hollywood and Bollywood films. I am trustworthy, dependable, stable, caring and my relationships with friends are important to me. Occasionally I fall in love.

Chand, a family men with children and grandchildren
Chand, a family men with children and grandchildren